Small MING VASE now available

Ming Vase: Collectible Ceramic Art

Not to be confused with the Chinese originals, each of these handmade ceramic items is unique. Displaying a mixture of occult symbols and quirky clip art, these ceramic creations are probably the most evil vase in the world. Not recommended as a gift for granny. £20 – WWW.ALEXGARNETT.COM

Bone China Brooches, Available now

  New fine bone china brooches available online now -WWW.ALEXGARNETT.COM. (from left to right) Natural coral brooch £25, Face brooch £15, ‘Bit of Rococo’ brooch £25 white , £35 gold lustre.

Framed Skull Pin Brooch available now!

A fine, hand cast bone china skull on a puter framed pin brooch.