Heads-Bodies and Legs cards available now!!!

These bizarre greeting cards are the uncensored outcome of drawing games between artists and illustrators, coloured in photoshop. Perfect for any occasion, provided your friend or relative has a dark or slightly sick sense of humour! Ideal for Birthdays, Valentines, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Bar Mitzvahs, Get Well Soon, Christmas, Congratulations or possibly none of the above. … Continue reading

New Cards In Store Now!

Greetings Cards In Store Now!

Carbon copies of my work illegally sold on Etsy by Amy L. Marshall

Carbon copies of my work sold on Etsy by Amy L. Marshall

It’s unfortunate that I’m having to post this article, but events have steadily increased for us to do something about this issue. In June last year Amy L. Marshall in Australia placed an online order for a Skull ring (17mm). All was well and good, so we sent the package to her. End of story… … Continue reading

Noel Fielding wearing bone china skull ring

Noel Fielding wearing skull ring by Alex Garnett