Alex Garnett is an independent designer who produces work with an emphasis on fun and originality. A self-taught ceramicist and experienced prop maker with a passion for visual art, he prides himself on products hand made in the UK. Perhaps his main forte is subverting mundane everyday items into unique, quirky collectibles.

Graduating from Goldsmiths in 2003, Alex co-founded the design studio MIXKO. In 2010 he established himself independently under WWW.ALEXGARNETT.COM where he continues to produce visually striking work ranging from interior design to fashion accessories and modern sculpture.

Past clients include Bloomberg, Dirk Bikkembergs, Fiorucci, IKEA, Paul Smith and Top Shop.  His work has also featured on The One Show and Noel Fielding’s “Luxury Comedy” series.


4 Responses to “About”
  1. emer says:

    hey, just wondering when the black skull rings are available to buy online?
    E X

  2. michail says:

    I discovered Garnett’s bone china jewelry at the Christmas design market, near by the National Theatre in London (in Dec. 13). I also saw some of his bigger pieces. I find his work beautiful. My 5£ St. George ring is precious! All the best!

  3. Walter DECAILLON says:

    Hello. I am an ice cream seller in France and am in the process of having the whole store redone. I would like to buy ice cream lamps. Is it possible and how is it going for France? Thanks very much. Walter

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